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OTN Appreciation Day: DBMS_MONITOR

Today is OTN Appreciation day. In this reason Oracle bloggers share a blog post about himself favorite Oracle feature. This great idea coming from Tim Hall (@oraclebase). I also want share my favorite feature of Oracle Database.

Here’s my contribution to the OTN Appreciation Day.
How to Oracle working? - this question is interesting all of persons which is using Oracle database.
Oracle trace files is very helpful for learn working mechanism of oracle processes.

Each server and background process writes to a trace file. When a process detects an internal error, it writes information about the error to its trace file.

DBMS_MONITOR is very good package for trace database, session, application, module... etc

You can found your trace files in default folder :

Trace file is not more readable, you can use TKPROF for generate readable, text based file from trace files (*.trc)

Read more about Application tracing…

Oracle Database 12.2 New Features (Part I) - Application Express

As you know, Oracle Open World 2016 conferences continue at San Francisco (September 18-22, 2016).

At keynote Session, Larry Ellison (CTO of Oracle Corporation) annoucemented the Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service on new database version 12.2. Here is released cloud documentation

There have very interesting little guide for new features of Oracle Database 12c Release 2.
Why littel , because it is not all features of Oracle Database 12c Release 2, have more interesting features will come with new version, I know. (I attended #OOW15) :)

I want share something about released new feature of Oracle Database 12.2.

Application Development

Oracle Application Express is (first name is HTMLDB 2.0, I used it at 2005 year) very interesting tool for developers. This tool for helping to create applications very rapidly.

Oracle Application Express 5.0.4 is latest version, released on July 12, 2016 and Application Express 5.1 Early Adopter 2 now available.

Oracle JET integrated with Oracle Ap…

TROUG Days 2016 Istanbul

I attended TROUG Days 2016 Istanbul which is organized Turkish Oracle Users Group as a speaker. It is very amazing conference. I meet my friends during conference.

I talked about In-Memory & Multitenant features of Oracle Database 12c.  I want thank to organizers of  TROUG Days and attenders. I want share some my photos from conference: 

OTN Article: Oracle Database 12c: "Colección automática de estadísticas para cargas masivas"

Oracle Technology Network continue publish our article. My next article published OTN Latina in Spanish language.

You can read this article at : OTN Latina
Oracle Database 12c: "Colección automática de estadísticas para cargas masivas"

You can read this article also in English :

My special thanks my friends Joel and Sebastian ! 
Best Regards Mahir M. Quluzade

TROUG Days Istanbul 2016 Agenda is online!

TROUG Days Istanbul 2016 Agenda now online, published at

I'll speaking at TROUG Days Istanbul 2016, Apr 28th, 14:30 Hall A, ITU Teknokent.
My topic is Oracle In-Memory with Multitenant.

See you at TROUG Days Istanbul 2016!

Best Regards

First meeting of AZEROUG in 2016 year!

I'm speaking at AZEROUG (Azerbaijan Oracle Users Group) Meeting February 27th, 2016 at Qafqaz University/ Baku, Azerbaijan. I'll speak about amazing Oracle Database option In-Memory.

See you !

Update: Feb 27th, 2016

OTech Magazine Winter 2015 Released

OTech Magazine issue Winter 2015 is the tenth – and last – issue of OTech Magazine – the independent Oracle technology magazine. In this last issue of OTech Magazine we offer you 10 highly technical articles on Oracle technology.

My "Automatic Gather Statistics for Bulk Loads" article also published in this issue. Automatically gathering statistics enhanced within Oracle Database 12c Release 1. My article covers this feature of Oracle Database 12c Release 1 with examples of automatically collect statistics of objects when bulk load operations.

You can read my article from:

My special thanks to my friend Douwe Pieter van den Bos (owner of OTech Magazine) for all efforts.

Best Regards Mahir M. Quluzade