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OTN Article: Oracle Database 12c In-Memory (Part I, II - Spanish / Portuguese)

Oracle Technology Network Latina started publish our new article series about Oracle Database In-Memory. This articles is first about In-Memory in OTN Latina articles. First and Second parts of Oracle Database In-Memory article series published in 2 language (Spanish/Portuguese) same time. In Spanish Language Part I: Part II: In Portuguese Language Part I; Part II: My special thanks to Joel Perez (Venezuela), Flavio Soares (Brazil) and Sebasti├ín D'Alessandro (Argentina). Regards Mahir M. Quluzade

Oracle Database 12c: Statistics created as the data was loaded

As you know, Oracle Magazine July/Aug 2015 issue released. You can free subscribe to Oracle Magazine digital edition and you can read here or you can read technical  articles here . I subscribed Oracle Magazine, in current issue have very interesting articles. One of interesting article of Oracle Expert Tomas Kyte (as known AskTom) with title: On Learning from Mistakes In this article Tom talks about Cost Based Optimizer and shown how optimizer learning from mistakes. I don't want review this article, but there have about interesting new feature of Oracle Database 12c.    Tom wrote: The fact that the NOW column of the query against USER_TABLES is the same as the LAST_ANALYZED column shows that statistics were created as the data was loaded—this is a new feature of Oracle Database 12c. Since Oracle Database 10g, the database has been computing statistics automatically for indexes when you create or rebuild them. With Oracle Database 12c, the database does the sam