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Oracle VM 3.2 Now Available

Oracle Virtualization product Oracle VM 3.2.1 now available.  You can read press release  here  and Oracle VM 3.2.1 documentation  here.  Download Oracle VM from  Installation  MySQL Database Support:  MySQL Database is used as the bundled database for the Oracle VM Manager management repository for simple installations. Support for an existing Oracle SE/EE Database is still included within the installer so that you can perform a custom installation to take advantage of your existing infrastructure. Simple installation using the bundled MySQL Database is fully supported within production environments. Discontinued inclusion of Oracle XE Databases:  Oracle VM Manager no longer bundles the Oracle XE database as a backend database. If you are currently running Oracle VM Manager using Oracle XE and you intend to upgrade you must first migrate your database to Oracle SE or Oracle EE. Improved Usability Oracle VM Command Line I