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Oracle Database 12c Release 2 - Long Identifiers

Prior to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 have a problem with long identifier name, for example, in 11.2 version you cannot create long name (max 30 Bytes) tables.  As you see, from screenshots length of  table name  column is maximum 30. Creating table with long name Table Name Column size 30 In Oracle Database 12c Release 2 changed the length of identifier names, and this change depends on the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter. Documentation says: If COMPATIBLE is set to a value of 12.2 or higher, then names must be from 1 to 128 bytes long with these exceptions: Names of databases are limited to 8 bytes. Names of disk groups, pluggable databases (PDBs), rollback segments, tablespaces, and tablespace sets are limited to 30 bytes. If an identifier includes multiple parts separated by periods, then each attribute can be up to 128 bytes long. Each period separator, as well as any surrounding double quotation marks, counts as one byte. For example, suppose you identify a col

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 - SQL*Plus History Command

As you know that we can repeat our previous SQL*Plus commands in Windows CMD. But in UNIX based systems not supported command line history of SQL*PLus.  For this reason in UNIX and Linux, we used  rlwrap  utility to see the SQL*Plus command line history and quickly recall previous SQL*Plus commands. With seconds release of Oracle Database 12c coming SQL*Plus  history  command for the history of the command line in Linux. I want to share some example for this command: Before using History we must enable history command as below: SQL> set history on The syntax of HISTORY command as bellow SQL> help history HISTORY ------- Stores, lists, executes, edits of the commands entered during the current SQL*Plus session. HIST[ORY] [N {RUN | EDIT | DEL[ETE]}] | [CLEAR] N is the entry number listed in the history list. Use this number to recall, edit or delete the command. Example: HIST 3 RUN - will run the 3rd entry from the list. HIST[ORY] without any option

OTN EMEA Tour 2017 Baku

OTN EMEA Tour 2017 took place. Our city Baku also included this tour this year also. We (board of Azerbaijan Oracle User Group ) organized the biggest event at Baku  (Park in Hotel) by sponsored Azercell Telecommunication Company. This year 3 Oracle ACE Director   Bjorn Rost (Germany),  Gurcan Orhan (Turkey), Heli Helskyaho  (Finland) and an Oracle ACE Rene Antunez (Mexica)  are our guests. Attendees of our event listened very interesting Oracle technical topics at the event. Here is agenda of our event I want to share some photos  from event:  Keynote Speach by Oracle ACED Kamran Ageyev A. (Azerbaijan) Oracle ACE Director Heli Helskyaho (Finland)  Oracle ACE Director  Bjorn Rost (Germany) Oracle ACE Mahir M. Quluzade (Azerbaijan) Oracle ACE Mahir M. Quluzade (Azerbaijan) Oracle ACE Director Gurcan Orhan (Turkey) Oracle ACE Rene Antunez (Mexica) Speakers Speaker's dinner See you next year at Baku.  Best Regards

I'm speaking at OTN EMEA Tour 2017 Baku

Local Oracle User Groups from the EMEA region are cooperating for the fourth year in a row to organize a tour of the region. The OTN EMEA Tour brings a star-studded cast, consisting of some of the world’s best Oracle ACEs, ACE Directors and Rock Star Speakers to the region. Azerbaijan Oracle User Group (AZEROUG) also joined EMEA Tour since last year (2016). This year also will be organize OTN EMEA Tour 2017 Baku (20th, May 2017). I'm  speaking at OTN  EMEA Tour 2017 Baku, my topic is New Features of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for DBAs and Developers. Here is about all speakers of OTN EMEA Tour 2017  See you at event soon.  Best Regards Mahir