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Oracle Backup and Recovery - Switch to image for Fast Recovery with RMAN

I showed with this video how to backup database as copy, how to use switch to copy image for fast recovery and how to recover corrupted datafile without close database. This method using often with VLDB for fast recovery large tablespace without restore big datafile.
See on YouTube : Switch to Image for Fast Recovery with RMAN

Oracle Backup and Recovery - How to copy database manually?

Often need copy of database for developers or testers. We can  copy database with RMAN or manually. I showed with this video. How to copy database manually?

See on YouTube : How to copy database manually?

Oracle Database Administration - How to change DBID?

When we clone the Oracle Database then cloned database DBID is remains same of source database DBID. If you want change DBID then this video is will be useful for you.

Oracle Database Administration - Changed deprecated parameter on Oracle Database 11g R2

What happens on start database after changed deprecated parameter on Oracle Database 11g R2 ( I want show with this video this situation.

YouTube :  Changed deprecated parameter on Oracle Database 11g R2

Oracle Backup and Recovery - Recovery of a droped tablespace with RMAN

I showed with this video, recovery of a  droped tablespace with  Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). I droped my tablepace (APPDATA) and restored, recovered this droped a tablespace from RMAN backups.
I  think  this video  shall be  interesting for beginner of Oracle Backup and Recovery.  Please try this on test database, if you try on production, may be you loss your critical data.    Don't try on production database

See on YouTube : Recovery of a droped tablespace with RMAN.

Oracle ASM - Migration to ASM with Oracle Enterprise Manager

With this video  I showed migration of database from file  system to ASM with  Oracle Enterprise Manager.

I added two subtitle caption Azerbaijani - Azerbaijan and English - English on this video. With  selecting "CC" onthis video you can use this captions.

I think this video  is very helpful  for who is is want migrate database to ASM.

Watch on youtube :Oracle ASM - Migration to ASM with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Database Administration - Overview Externally Authenticated Users

With this video I showed, how to create externally authenticated users?

When we are connect to Oracle Database, we can use "sqlplus / as sysdba" with SQL*Plus tool and connecting database with "SYS" user.

I showed, how to we can connect to database with "sqlplus /" - without write username/password, with operating system (windows) users. This way is same for other operation systems.

YouTube :