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Oracle Database 12c: What happens during CDB startup if one the PDB has a media problem? - Continue

During Oracle Day 2014  (February 05, 2014, which was held in Baku/Azerbaijan), I met with my friends and had a conversation about several topics.

I asked to my friend Teymur Hajiyev, what happens during CDB startup if one the PDB has a media problem? He said, CDB must open without a problem. But you need to open PDBs manually. In other words, by default PDBs in mount mode, you need call alter pluggable databases all open.

After Oracle Day, Teymur shared his tests in here. and faced the same issue. But he is wrote : If you apply PSU1 on 12c, you will not meet with such problem, CDB will skip opening problematic PDB and will open other PDBs.

I will share my tests on patched database. I applied PSU1 to my database server:  Installation and configuration Patch 17552800 - Patch Set Update

My test environment as below:

[oracle@oel62-ora12c /]$ export ORACLE_SID=prmcdb [oracle@oel62-ora12c /]$ sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Wed Feb 12 12:53:16 201…

Installation and configuration Patch 17552800 - Patch Set Update


Patch 17552800 - Database Patch Set Update released: January 14, 2014. You can download this PSU  from Oracle My Support. I will show short steps installation and configuration this PSU.

Note:To install the PSU patch, the Oracle home must have the Database installed. Subsequent PSU patches can be installed on Oracle Database or any PSU with a lower 5th numeral version than the one being installed.

1. Download this patch set zip file from support web site and copy to database server.

[oracle@oel62-ora12c PSU1]$ pwd /tmp/oracle/PSU1 [oracle@oel62-ora12c PSU1]$ ls -l total 67952 -rw-r--r-- 1 oracle oinstall 69580299 Feb 12 09:17 [oracle@oel62-ora12c PSU1]$
2. Exract patch files from file.

[oracle@oel62-ora12c PSU1]$ unzip Archive:    creating: 17552800/   inflating: 17552800/README.html      creating: 175…

Oracle ACE Newsletter January 2014

I saw my name in Oracle ACE Newsletter January 2014.

It is first time, is my name in Oracle ACE Newsletter. I'm very glad.
Thanks to Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Mahir M. Quluzade