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OTN Articles: Oracle Database 12c: “Nuevas Características para Desarrolladores”

OTN - Oracle Technology Network Latina America published our next technical articles series. This article series cover new features of Oracle Database 12c for developers, entitled in Spanish language as Oracle Database 12c: “Nuevas Características para Desarrolladores” written by Joel Perez (Oracle ACED), Mahir M. Quluzade (OCE).

This article series consists of three parts.

You can see very useful examples for every new feature in this article series. So, Part I of this article series, covers "Invisible Columns", "Identity Columns", "Default Values Using Sequences",  Part IIcovers "Extended Data Types","Multiple Index on same Columns", "Online DDLs", "Limitations of Row Set". Part IIIcovers  "Online Moving Partitions", " New types of compression for tables", "Granted Roles of a Program Units","Enhanced in Clause 'WITH'". 

You  can read articles from following links in …