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Oracle Data Guard 11g - Overview Snapshot Standby Database

How to convert physical standby database to snapshoot standby database?
How to  use snapshot standby database? What is benefits of standby databases?

I answered this questions with video.

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How to  create standby database?
Please watch my video about creation standby databases :

Oracle Data Guard 11g - Overview Active Data Guard Real Time Queries

I  showed with  this video, how to enable Oracle Data Guard 11g new feature Active Data Guard with SQL*Plus and Data Guard Manager (DGMGRL)? And I showed a little test Active Data Guard.

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Overview Data Guard Configuration - A primary and 2 Standby Databases

I showed with this video, how to create oracle standby database on same host primary database and remote host. I created two physical standby database and created oracle data guard configuration with primary and this two standby databases.

I think this video very helpful creator standby database and for newly of Oracle Data Guard creator.

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Overview Oracle SQL - MERGE Satement

I showed with this video, overview Oracle Database SQL - MERGE Statement.I Created two table and transformed data from first table to second table with  MERGE Command.I think this video shall be interesting, who working with Oracle Database SQL and Data Warehousing. 
See more : Oracle® Database SQL Language Reference 11g - MERGE

Overview Disaster Recovery


Oracle Database Administration - How to use Oracle LogMiner?