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Cluvfy error : Framework setup check failed on all the nodes


As you know Oracle recommends before installation Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g Release 2 run Cluster Verification utility with stage previous and post installation cluster ware or database.

Cluster verification utility help you for getting error before and after installation Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters Database.

I getting following error :

[grid@oel62-rac1 grid]$ ./ stage -pre crsinst -n oel62-rac1,oel62-rac2 –verbose ….. Checking user equivalence... Check: User equivalence for user "grid"   Node Name                             Status                    ------------------------------------  ------------------------  oel62-rac2                            passed                    oel62-rac1                            passed              

Result: User equivalence check passed for user "grid"

Verifying node connectivity Version of exectask could not be retrieved from node "oel62-rac2"Version of exectask co…