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Oracle Data Guard 11g – Overview Client Failover Configuration

Often we are needs,client continue works on new primary without change connection settings when current primary is failed. With this video, I showed overview client failover configuration. I have showed how to continue client works after failover to on new primary database, and I showed how to enable fast start failover on oracle data guard and how to working automatic client failover. This video captured on three virtual machines, witch is created on Oracle VirtualBox, on two machines running operating system Oracle Linux Server 6.2, on a machine (client machine) running Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and I used Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( on this machines. Watch on :

Oracle Data Guard 11g - Reinstate primary database after failover

Most time my friends asked me, how to reinstate primary database after failover? I want answer his question with this video. My special thanks for my friends from Azerbaijan and India. YouTube link: My recomendation is watch video with  720 HD quality. 

Oracle Data Guard 11g - Why force logging on primary database?

With this video tutorial I showed what is effect of  no force logging on primary database. I think this video answered  "Why force  logging on primary  database ?" - question.  Video on youtube : If you want create data guard configuration, watch my video