Oracle Data Guard 11g - Why force logging on primary database?

With this video tutorial I showed what is effect of  no force logging on primary database. I think this video answered  "Why force  logging on primary  database ?" - question. 
If you want create data guard configuration, watch my video 


  1. Hi Mahir,

    This video was really nice , I just have one quick question on video slide at 10:17

    inset /*+ APPEND */ into t values(5);

    how did this insert got transferred , even though you had set the database , tablespace and table also in nologging mode. Where as the subsequent insert stmt with the select 10 as n from dual failed as expected.

    Please throw some light.


    1. Even I got the same doubt, If you can answer it would be help ful.


  2. Hi,

    Welcome mu oracle blog!

    Sorry my overdue. You know inset /*+ APPEND */ into t values(5); is logging operation. On 10:17 minute on video, I showed logging operation and after I showed nolloging operation with insert into .. select .. from

    Nologging operations can be invoked by the following operations:

    1. insert /*+ APPEND */ into .. select * from .. ;
    2. create table .. nologging as select * from .. ;
    3. create index .. on table(col_list) nologging;
    4. sqlloader operation in direct path mode
    5. load LOBs where segment characteristics have NOLOGGING.

    Thanks for your comment!



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