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OTech Magazine - Spring 2014 Released!

OTech Magazine is an independent magazine for Oracle professionals. OTech Magazine is a trusted source for news, information and analysis about Oracle and its products. Our readership is made up of professionals who work with Oracle and Oracle related technologies on a daily basis, in addition we cover topics relevant to niches like software architects, developers, designers and others.OTech Magazine‘s writers are considered the top of the Oracle professionals in the world. Only selected and high-quality articles will make the magazine. Our editors are trusted worldwide for their knowledge in the Oracle field. Read more about OTech Magazine in here. Today the third issue of OTech Magazine released.  Content of OTech Magazine - Spring 2014 as below:  My article is published in this issue, too. You can download the Spring 2014 issue of OTech Magazine in here: or from direct link :  http: