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Oracle Database 12c - Active Duplication with RMAN (in Spanish Language)

Oracle Technology Network - OTN Latina published our "Pull-Based Active Duplication with RMAN" article series this month in Spanish Language. This article series covers new option of duplication with RMAN on Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( in 11 parts.

First part of article series described "how to duplicate database" and other parts showed different cases of CDB and PDBs duplication.You can read articles here

Oracle Database 12c: Active Duplication con RMAN + 10 casos practicos
Caso 1: Duplicando CDB - Usando Backup Sets para ejecutar una "Active Database Duplication"Caso 2: Duplicando CDB - Usando Backup Sets comprimidos para ejecutar una "Active Database Duplication" Caso 3: Duplicando CDB - Creando Backup Sets en paralelo durante una "Active Database Duplication"Caso 4: Duplicando CDB - "Push-Based Active Database Duplication" de una CDBCaso 5: Duplicando PDBs - Duplication de una sola "Pluggable Database"…