Oracle VM 3.2 Now Available

Oracle Virtualization product Oracle VM 3.2.1 now available. 

You can read press release here and Oracle VM 3.2.1 documentation here. Download Oracle VM from 


MySQL Database Support: MySQL Database is used as the bundled database for the Oracle VM Manager management repository for simple installations. Support for an existing Oracle SE/EE Database is still included within the installer so that you can perform a custom installation to take advantage of your existing infrastructure. Simple installation using the bundled MySQL Database is fully supported within production environments.

Discontinued inclusion of Oracle XE Databases: Oracle VM Manager no longer bundles the Oracle XE database as a backend database. If you are currently running Oracle VM Manager using Oracle XE and you intend to upgrade you must first migrate your database to Oracle SE or Oracle EE.

Improved Usability

Oracle VM Command Line Interface (CLI): The new Oracle VM Command Line Interface can be used to perform the same functions as the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface, such as managing all your server pools, servers and guests.

Health tab: Monitor the overall health and status of your virtualization environment and view historical statistics such as memory and CPU usage.

Sizes of disks, ISOs and vdisks: Oracle VM Manager now shows the sizes of disks, ISOs and vdisks within the virtual machine edit dialog, to make it easier to select a disk.

Hot-add a VNIC to a virtual machine: It is now possible to add a VNIC directly to a running virtual machine from within Oracle VM Manager.

Send messages to a virtual machine: Facilities have been provided within Oracle VM Manager to send messages directly to a virtual machine in the form of key-value pairs

New features more 

Mahir M. Quluzade 


  1. Hi Mahir ,

    I am stuck at some issue i.e can we add a new slot while creating a virtual machine?for example
    I have created a repository named “MyRepo” and in that i created a virtual disk name “VD05″ .When i go on the Virtual Machine and click edit i will get list of tabs,on the disk tab i will get the virtual disk i have created i.e “VD05″ but when i click on the Disk Ordering tab there four slots 0,1,2,3 and all on all this four slots there is one or the other Virtual Disk or the physical disk is assigned so i cannot this how can i add a new slot num 4 and assign the virtual disk i have created on this slot.
    Is is doable or no?

    Please help.

    Thanks in Advance
    Irfan Shaikh

    1. Hi Irfah Shaikh!

      Yes, it it is right, there have 4 disk slot for Domain type Xen HVM type Virtual Machines.

      If you want many assign many (max 104) disks to VM Virtual Machines, then you must change domain type oof Oracle VM Vitual Machine domain type to Xen PVM.

      If you use SPARC, then you can assign more 1020 disks.

      For change VM Virtual Machine domain type : On edit page of VM Machine, Choose Xen PVM from combo box for *Domain Type. Then you can assign 104 disk slot.

      Mahir M. Quluzade


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