Database Schema as a Service - Oracle Cloud

Cloud computing is known for many things: cost effectiveness, flexibility, scalability.

Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Database offerings. Choose between a single schema based service, or a virtual machine with a fully configured running Oracle Database Instance, or Exadata Service with all the database features, options, and workloads.
Oracle Cloud Provide Database schema Service as: 
  • 1 Schema on Oracle Database 11g
I don't know, can we request on Oracle Database 12c Release 1. But I think in the future can provide on 12c version  
  • Choice of 5, 20, and 50 GB database storage (1GB for trial account) 
I subscribed to Oracle Database Cloud Service. 

After completed my order, my Oracle Database Cloud Service - S20 activated

  • Includes Oracle Application Express (APEX), version 4.2.6, a highly productive browser based application development framework for creating responsive applications with SQL and PL/SQL 
  • Data access using RESTful Web Services 

I'm using Oracle APEX  since 2003 year (HTMLDB2 - first name of  APEX), it is my favorite rapid Database Development tool included into Oracle Database. You can use RESTFul Web Services after 4.2 version of Oracle APEX. 

1. You must connect cloud service, using "My Service URL"

2. Open service Console 

  • No SQL*Net access 
You cannot connect  Database Cloud Service via SQL*Plus or other tools, which is using SQL*Net. But You can  connect Cloud Database Schema with SQL Developer. 

1. Create new connection on Cloud Connection 

2. You can create any  types objects in this schema now. 

You can load your data with  SQL  Developer to Cloud Database. Please check following tutorial.
Data Loading and the Oracle Database Cloud Service

Note: you can use SQL Workshop in  Oracle APEX, but I think SQL Developer very easy for developers. Oracle Database Cloud Service fully managed by Oracle - no DBA necessary. 

Mahir M. Quluzade


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